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The surge protector is a lightning arrestor of coaxial construction. It designed to absorb the surge of lightning strikes on an antenna at the top of a building and ground it,thus providing full lightning protection for transceivers,receivers,etc. 
Technical Specifications:
Model: CA-35RS
Type: M Type 
Color: Black
Material: Iron
Frequency range: DC~2500MHz
VSWR: Less than1.1
Withstand Power: 400W PEP
Peak power: 200W
Voltage: DC 230V
Impedance: 50 ohms
Outer Dimensions: 78 * 41 * 20mm / 3.1 * 1.6 * 0.8in
Features and Benefits:
1. Designed with a stress on high safety,it has a built-in gas-charging surge arrestor element. 
2. This device makes the actions of surge discharge discharge and restoration repeatedly. No replacement is practically needed. 
3. The coaxial costruction of this device assures excellent high frequency characteristics,wide bandwidth,and low loss and VSWR. 
Operation Under-the-eaves application: 
1. When using the lightning surge protector under the eaves,connect it with an antenna cable.For connection,mount a plug(male) connector on both ends of the antenna cable. 
2. Clinch or solder a copper wire,2.5 to 3.2mm diameters, and connect top ens of the wire to lightning escape ground buried deep in the soil ground. It is recommended to connect the lightning surge protector and the ground short enough. 
3. Be sure to ground lightning protector firmly by taking the following Precautions into account. 
(1). Use isolated independent groud. 
(2). Make ground resistance small. 
(3). Make ground plate area wide as possible to allow the plate to contact with earth soil as wide area as possible by burring wide copper plate. (4).Isolate the ground far away with other grounding. 
4. It isn't waterproof, locate it on the place where is not expose to direct rain fall. 
Package Contents:
1x CA-35RS coaxial lightning surge protector 

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